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We know that "timing is everything". There are periods in our lives when relationships are our primary focus, and other times when career or financial concerns are demanding all the attention. Wouldn't it be nice to know ahead of time which area of life is the next to be highlighted?
Subscriber Specials
Subscriber's Specials that you can still take advantage of. Here's the scoop:
Special #1:  2 Month AstroForecast Deluxe for $25 plus Free Galactic Report($25 value) to first 33 people each day thru 11/30/08  who email me to get this ! Free Art wheel chart too~

Special #2:  All of Special #1 PLUS the Karmic Insight and Saturn's Promise reports for just another $25 ($36 value)  - $50 total for this special.
Read samples of these reports on the
Astrology Report Service page

You can pay online using the Google check out buttons in the next column (top = #1 Special,
bottom =#2 Special), or if you'd like to mail a check, just email  to let me know. 

AND I don't already have your birth info (date, time & place, ) email me those details

Thank you and Enjoy!!
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