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We know that "timing is everything". There are periods in our lives when relationships are our primary focus, and other times when career or financial concerns are demanding all the attention. Wouldn't it be nice to know ahead of time which area of life is the next to be highlighted?
Highlander DuncanMacLeod

Because even 'pop culture' can be more than what it looks like on the surface, for fans of Highlander: The Series, who may also find great spirituality in the show, here are a few perspectives on the Date of birth 'created' for Duncan MacLeod - I  chose the time of 'birth' to be as the Sun entered Capricorn and I think it's amazing how this chart 'fits' how the character of Duncan unfolded...  so enjoy pondering the idea of what is real :) I look forward to hearing your thoughts...


                                     Child Astrological Report for

Duncan MacLeod

December 21, 1592

12:12 PM

Glenfinnan, Scotland


                                Amy J Volkers Astrological Insights

*** Introduction ***

This Astrological Child Report has been designed as a guide for Duncan's parents, with a special commitment: to help with Duncan's growth and cultural upbringing, to emphasize and strengthen his assets, and to alert the parents to mistakes or possible problems that Duncan could face in his life.

 Chapter 1 describes Duncan the way he really is (position of the Sun), and the way his personality is expressed (Ascendant sign). Chapters 2 and 3 describe the influences linked to his mother and father respectively, which DOES NOT mean a description of their personalities, but the way Duncan sees them, experiences them, and which characteristics he takes from each one. In the astrological chart of a brother or sister, the description of parents could be different due to the individual's perspective. Chapter 4 completes the sequence of the description of Duncan's temperament, focusing his mind, his attitude toward education, and his intellectual capacity.

 Chapter 5 describes Duncan's destiny, his vocation, his profession, and the probability of success in the material world. In order to get an appropriate view of Duncan's vocational possibilities, it will be necessary to combine what is in this chapter plus what is in Chapter 1 and any other relevant information in the report.

 Chapter 6 analyzes the conditions of Duncan's health; some tendencies or possibilities to physical diseases are mentioned, which DOES NOT mean that Duncan is going to suffer from them, one by one. It does mean that those are his weak points and he is inclined to those possibilities. As a complement, some recommendations for Duncan to have better nutrition are mentioned. PLEASE CONSULT A PHYSICIAN REGARDING ANY PHYSICAL PROBLEMS THAT YOUR CHILD MAY HAVE!!! FOLLOW YOUR PHYSICIAN'S ADVICE AND ANY MEDICATION OR THERAPY THAT HE/SHE RECOMMENDS!!! ASTROLOGY SHOULD NEVER BE USED AS A SUBSTITUTE FOR PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL ATTENTION!!!

 Finally, Chapter 7 describes the astrological influence of the outer planets which affect all the children who were born in the same period of years, producing common ideas and behaviors and subsequent generational characteristics.

 It is probable that you may find some contradictions in the report; this is because some planets may be beneficial in a certain area of life while other planets may be less helpful or even harmful. This means that Duncan may have both positive and negative experiences in the same area. You need to draw on your intuition and common sense to come to your own conclusions. But remember that every child, no matter the sign he/she was born in, needs LOVE in order to grow up in the right way.

            *** Astrological Data ***

For the benefit of students of astrology, the positions of the planets at the time of birth and other technical information is given below:

Sun 0 Cap 00           Neptune 12 Leo 11
Moon 8 Leo 19         Pluto 14 Ari 16
Mercury 26 Sag 30   Asc. 10 Ari 24
Venus 19 Cap 47     MC 2 Cap 56
Mars 13 Sco 06        2nd cusp 27 Tau 38
Jupiter 0 Cap 30       3rd cusp 17 Gem 44
Saturn 25 Can 22     5th cusp 18 Can 46
Uranus 29 Pis 06      6th cusp 11 Leo 43

Tropical Placidus Local Time observed
GMT: 12:33:48 Time Zone: 0 hours West
Lat. and Long. of birth place: 56 N 52 5 W 27

Aspects and orbs:
Conjunction: 7 Deg 00 Min       Opposition : 6 Deg 00 Min
Square : 6 Deg 00 Min              Trine : 6 Deg 00 Min
Sextile : 4 Deg 00 Min 

                                             *** Chapter 1 ***

General description of the child: essential nature and
personality. Physical body and childhood.


 Sun in Capricorn:

The Capricorn child's maturity is always surprising. As an infant, he shows definite preferences and is quite willful, but he is not very noisy about expressing it. He is decisive, and when he wants something he will never hesitate. It seems as if he had everything planned ahead in his tiny mind. He is so stubborn that he will definitely get what he wants. He is patient and knows when the right moment is at hand. Also, he is well organized and adaptable to routine. He will have a special place for his toys, and if his mother changes that place he will be very disturbed. As he has a fixed timetable where meals are concerned, feeding him will not be a problem. He loves his place, and he will be there all the time; he will probably not be interested in having friends outside his home. He will only have a few friends or maybe only one, with whom he will share his secrets. Parents must not get confused, even though he seems to be an adult while still a child. His heart is very noble and sensitive, and he needs a lot of affection. Otherwise, as an adult, he could be cold and reserved. Deep inside, he is sweet and romantic; he just has to learn how to express those feelings. He is very clever and independent, and he has a sense of authority.

 He usually does not have problems at school. He will always have his homework done on time; his mind works like a computer, and will allow him to study and learn quickly. His concentration is amazing and he will have very good marks. He is a bit shy and he should not be forced to talk or do other things when many people are around. Sometimes he seems slower than other children, and not comfortable around people, but he will end up being a leader. The little child of Capricorn loves to play "Grown-up" with his pets and toys, and he will take it seriously. He also likes to play teacher, doctor, vice-president or member of a board of a big corporation. He has a systematic mind, and he will easily learn everything relating to the sciences. He is usually wondering and looking for logical answers. A chemistry set, chess, math games, microscope, etc. could be very helpful in developing his mental capacity. He is very attracted to the world of adults, and sometimes tries to imitate his parents in the way they dress, or even using his parents' clothes. Once he learns how to dress, he will never ask for help again. He wants to do everything on his own. In adolescence, he she usually shows independence through his stubbornness. He could become bossy to his weaker friends or siblings (if he has not done it yet!). His way of complaining is through indifference, coldness or being depressed.

Childhood is the time for his parents to give him all the support he needs to help him learn to make up his mind. Remember that he usually does what he wants to; but if he receives the affection and love he needs, he will be a winner. He is very attached to his home, and if he feels that his family is close to him, he will never leave it, and as an adult he will always be concerned about the needs of all the members of his family. He will act as parent with his own parents if he has to.

Aries Rising Sign:

 Duncan was born with a strong body and full of energy. He will recover easily from illness in his early years. His muscles are well developed and he will show great physical strength, lifting heavy objects or participating in sports as he grows. He will always need to be in motion, and he will want to do things his own way. He also will develop great pride, and will always want to be the first in everything. He likes to compete with others to show all his skills; Duncan will always be a leader. He may have problems showing his feelings, especially his weaknesses and fears. In these cases, he will make jokes and try to distract everyone's attention. He tends to be impulsive and sometimes aggressive. Patience will not be one of his virtues, though as time goes by, he will calm down. Duncan's courage will make him adventurous and mischievous too. If his Sun (as shown above) is located in Cancer or Pisces, Aries rising will help him a lot in feeling secure. If the Sun is located in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, he will be a restless infant, and will only need a few hours of sleep before waking up again, ready for action. A negative side is that Duncan can be selfish, and perhaps won't share things with his brothers and/or sisters. He will have a noble heart and will be willing to help anyone in need; though he can be easily annoyed, he will never hold a grudge.

 His childhood is ruled by Mars, which lets him conquer the world of adults. Duncan has enough confidence in himself to make it, and wants everyone to know it. That is why he needs approval and applause. He needs to admire his parents, especially the one of his own sex, because he will choose him as model. Duncan may not show his feelings, thinking that being emotive is a sign of weakness. If the child is a girl, she may be a tomboy in her first years, and she will choose to climb trees, play with boys and run races instead of playing with dolls.

 Pluto in 1st house:

 He will be an intense boy and likely to go for extreme situations. Duncan will live life to the fullest. His vital and energetic attitude will make him a leader. However, he may have hidden motivations and use subtle mechanisms to impose his authority. It is very important for this boy to develop a positive conscience about the power he has, and to avoid a selfish attitude toward others. Duncan must learn to consider everybody's needs. His life will be neither serene nor stable. The great energy of this planet impels him to experience deep changes and many transformations; though these changes will be slow and gradual, they will represent important growth periods of his life. His physical body will be strong and very resistant to any kind of illness. The negative aspect of this astrological influence is that Duncan will not be patient with others. He can tend to destroy everything in his path. The positive aspect is that Duncan will be invincible, and when problems and crises seem to overcome him, he will rise up again and again, until he gets what he wants.


*** Chapter 2 ***

Maternal figure: emotions, feelings, capacity to love
and share.

Moon in Leo:

Duncan will like getting everybody's attention, and his behavior will always make him stand out. His emotions will be spontaneous, open, and impetuous and will tend towards exaggeration. He will be very stubborn, and generally, will not do the things he is asked to do. His innate authority will make him rebellious, and he may try to dominate others. Duncan will develop strong self-esteem and pride, which will allow him to attain the status he deserves. He will express his sympathy openly; his affections will be clear and spontaneous and his happiness will always be present on his face.

Most likely, Duncan will have a strong mother, very sincere and capable. He will learn from her to express himself in a relaxed and secure manner, to say what he feels, and to have creative answers to problems. It is probable that Duncan will inherit a strong artistic sensibility, which, if developed, could make him famous. He needs his parents' approval; though he will seem secure and self-confident, he will always need emotional support in order to manifest his full potential. Duncan will love life itself, and if he has his own children, he will show them how to live freely and joyfully.

Moon in 5th house:

He will be romantic and charming, which is why he will have an adventurous love life, always looking for the "right" match. Duncan will have great charisma and a poetic imagination. He will have great creative ability, which will be evident in all his activities. As a father, he will be very tender and will teach his children to be kind and to show their feelings, although he can be a bit possessive.

Moon Conjunction Neptune:

He will be extremely sensitive, romantic, and idealistic. His perception and intuition will be remarkable. Duncan will probably have some problems in the practical world because he lacks the ability to see things as they are. Duncan can be easily deceived or disillusioned by idealizing the people he loves. He will be inspired to create, either musically or artistically.

 Moon Square Mars:

 Duncan will get angry very easily and will express himself very forcefully. He may argue everyday with family members with whom he has differences. If there is no harmony at home, his mood will be affected. Many times Duncan will react quickly and impulsively, without thinking. He can be very temperamental, and he must learn how to control this tendency and improve himself.

Moon Trine Pluto:

 Duncan will have emotions that are both deep and controlled. He will enjoy being in touch with people, but he will not like superficial relationships. Sometimes he needs to be alone; through solitude he will feel emotionally recharged and will get the strength that he needs to face the problems of everyday living. Duncan will be attracted to mystery, and will be an eternal researcher.

 Venus in Capricorn:

 Duncan will be very reserved with his feelings. He will have a cold and controlled external appearance, though he will be passionate on the inside. Because Duncan may feel insecure, he will open himself up to others very slowly until he feels comfortable. Duncan might compensate for his emotional insecurities by developing a materialistic attitude and substituting professional and social success. He will find it difficult to show intimacy and tenderness. As an adult, he could fall in love with someone older in order to be protected, or with someone younger in order to be the protector. Duncan will link love with responsibility, and once he falls in love, he will be very loyal. Due to his leadership qualities, Duncan can be very successful in business.

Venus in 11th house:

Duncan will have a variety of friends. He will be successful working or collaborating with a club or a philanthropic institution. Duncan will tend to be very idealistic and will dream of a better world; his best friends will be bohemian and will show artistic sensitivity. Duncan will probably marry a person involved with the arts. He will be very sociable and will enjoy the company of others.

Venus Opposition Saturn:

Duncan's parents, especially his father, must make an effort to show love and caring because Duncan is especially sensitive to any indifference and may feel he is always being rejected. This could make him shy and unable to show his emotions. Duncan will tend to sacrifice his happiness for duty. He will tend to be defensive and afraid of being rejected or of not being accepted. It is very important for his destiny that his parents give him all the love they can. In the future, it will be better for him to get married after the age of 28, when he is emotionally mature. If Duncan does not overcome his inner fears, this astrological position can make him ineffectual in sentimental matters and lonely.

 Venus Square Pluto:

 Duncan can be demanding with the people he loves. He will be very jealous when a friend of his has another friend, and will try to get all the attention. His emotional life will be very deep and very complex at the same time. It is probable that he will be raised in a chaotic family, with intense demonstrations of love as well as of conflict. His passion can blind him in some situations, and he may complicate his material and financial life. His sexuality will also be intense, and it will be in his best interests to receive a good education in these matters. Duncan will experience stormy romances, going from extreme love for his lover to hate and back again.

Jupiter in Capricorn:

 Duncan will bring all his ideas down to a practical level; Duncan will want to see tangible results. He will be realistic and will have a positive attitude about work and activity. Duncan will need to feel he is accomplishing his goals little by little. Duncan will have a big sense of responsibility and sometimes he can be very hard on himself when he does something wrong. Duncan must learn to be more flexible and tolerant of the weaknesses of himself and others.

Jupiter in 9th house:

 Duncan will be interested in philosophical and religious subjects. He will love learning about different countries, cultures, languages and will definitely travel a lot. Duncan will find happiness and fulfillment in a country other than where he was born; if Duncan does not actually live in another country, he will travel extensively and will enjoy each trip immensely. Getting a college education will be very important in his destiny, and he may get a doctorate degree or other outstanding diploma or certification in his profession.

Jupiter Square Uranus:

 Duncan will be very rebellious and will not accept the rules or laws he must obey. Duncan will be an enthusiastic, independent, extroverted, and willful child, though he will also be restless, nervous, and untidy. It is very important for him to learn how to concentrate and to channel his energies into only one direction. He must learn to be more moderate, to avoid exaggeration, and to avoid criticism.

Neptune in 6th house:

 Duncan could have some ailments that are difficult to diagnose. His body will be very sensitive to any kind of drug and he could be allergic to many of them. Also, Duncan will experience some disappointments at work, on account of having idealized his bosses and colleagues. His great emotive capacity could cloud his objective vision. On many occasions he will seek solitude in order to find peace of mind.

                                               *** Chapter 3 ***

Paternal figure: authority, power, capacity to assume
responsibilities and to defend oneself in life.

Sun in 9th house:

Duncan will be very curious and will always be asking about everything. He will be interested in studying astrology, history, theology, and philosophy, and as an adult he will be inclined towards the law. Probably, Duncan will have the same philosophical and questioning attitude as his father. Duncan can be very respectful of religion but his ideas will probably not agree with those of the traditional church. His restlessness will not only be within the world of the ideas, but also will extend to the physical world and he will probably travel abroad often. He may also live in another country and be successful there. Duncan will always have a positive and happy attitude; his life will never be routine.

Sun Conjunction Mercury:

 Duncan will have a powerful and very questioning mind, though many times he will not act on reason, but on impulse. He will be ambitious and very creative. Sometimes, Duncan will be thoughtful and introspective and will analyze everything. He can be very selfish, inflexible, and stubborn, especially if he gets angry. Usually Duncan will be attached to his ideas, and most of the time he will not be very impartial.

Sun Conjunction Jupiter:

 Joy, sympathy and a great optimism characterize Duncan's temperament. He will maintain his positive disposition in the midst of his problems, and this sunny outlook will attract good luck to him in everything. Life seems to be very kind with him, and Duncan will also be very kind with life. Duncan will be very generous, loyal, sincere, and will have a great sense of justice. His innate amiability, along with his sympathy, will bring Duncan a large social circle and many gifts and favors from friends. His main problems will be not accepting reality and not recognizing his own limitations; Duncan will tend to minimize any obstacles, will be optimistic in an exaggerated way, and sometimes will trust others blindly.

Sun Square Uranus:

 Duncan will be anarchical, liberal, and independent and always in opposition to authority. He can be very untidy and thus waste the great potential of his energies. He will attack whatever stands in his way, as he needs to be free. Duncan will be impulsive, eccentric, and will follow his own rules. He will also be original but impractical. Duncan will always be nervous and will be inclined to dissipate his energy. He must learn to be more cautious, and, because he is inclined to have accidents, to be in less of a hurry. As he is very particular and unique, Duncan will be a very difficult child to raise.

Saturn in Cancer:

 Possibly Duncan may receive an inadequate amount of love during his childhood, or maybe his family is a bit unsettled, and he will feel inhibited about showing love and emotions. In any case, Duncan will always have a great sense of responsibility towards his family. He can be hypersensitive, feeling hurt quite easily, and reacting by seeking solitude for security and protection. Basically, Duncan needs emotional security, and it is very important for him to receive large amounts of affection from both parents. Otherwise, as an adult, he will be a very shy, melancholy, and lonely person, and will have great difficulty understanding people.

Saturn in 5th house:

 Duncan will tend to be aloof, not very demonstrative, and an inhibited child. To overcome these limitations, it is very important that the relationship between father and son be a loving one. Duncan can feel more comfortable with older people than with other children; usually his behavior will be comparable with that of an adult. Though Duncan will be shy, he will be deep and loyal to his feelings. His creativity can be directed into the sciences and invention. As an adult, he will choose a serious and responsible mate. He will probably have few children, as he will consider this a matter of deep responsibility. He must learn to enjoy things freely and to express his emotions with the same intensity he feels inside.

Saturn Trine Uranus:

 Duncan will have great will power, much initiative and never- ending determination. He will be able to combine his practical abilities with his intuition and will need to work independently. Duncan will be very sensible; he will have management ability and will be persistent in achieving his objectives. He will possess an inner balance between the old and the new, between authority and his own freedom. Duncan will fulfill his duties responsibly but he will always try to emphasize his independence. He will direct his creative energy effectively and will be a tenacious hard worker.

Mars in Scorpio:

 Duncan will have a strong will and will work persistently to achieve his goals. He will be very clear about his ideas and objectives as well as his likes and dislikes. Duncan will be very selective with friends, and once he trusts people, he will be spontaneous and very communicative. When he gets angry, it will be slow and gradual; he may harbor resentments and sometimes even act with vengeance. Duncan must learn to forgive and to be more flexible with people. He must also learn to direct his energies in a more constructive way. His enthusiasm will always be linked to his emotions and he will always need lots of affection. Duncan will be a very jealous and possessive person with those he loves, and especially with his mate in the future. His great dynamic energy will also cause him to have a very intense sexual life, which is why he must receive a very good education in these matters; he must not be raised with fears and taboos. Duncan will always be reacting against everything and will be in constant movement, which will make it difficult for his parents to teach him how to be more relaxed and adaptable to any situation.

Mars in 7th house

 Duncan will have a powerful and controversial personality, and will feel the need to prove things to himself. Most likely, Duncan will experience verbal combat, disagreements with partners, or legal problems. With this astrological position, Duncan could get married very young and very suddenly, choosing a very dominant and impatient lover. If he does not have any other planetary aspect which indicates maturity and stability, he could have a tumultuous married life. Duncan will be very motivated by his lover and will be dependent on her opinion, and also that of others.

Mars Square Neptune:

 Duncan will have a big imagination and many fantasies, but he will lack the ability to make them real. Duncan will probably be afraid of his anger and be uncertain about his own authority. Duncan must be careful about his diet, as he is inclined to have allergies to certain foods and drugs. In an attempt to hide his own fears and weaknesses, Duncan could cling to his convictions with fanaticism. To make his dreams come true, Duncan must strengthen his self-esteem and initiative.

Uranus in 12th house:

 Duncan will have a strong need to free himself from social restrictions. Most likely, he will feel that he is quite different from others and will keep many of his feelings and opinions to himself, even at the price of wasting his great creative potential. Duncan will be very intellectual, mystical, and reserved; he could be very good at research or any other profession which takes place behind the scenes.


*** Chapter 4 ***

Mentality: intelligence, studies and capacity for

Mercury in Sagittarius:

Duncan will have a very curious mind and will never stop asking questions. Due to his great interest in the whole universe, he will be a good student. Duncan will want to know about geography, history, sciences, mathematics, etc., and he will also show dedication and enthusiasm. In the future, he will show some inclination to learn about religion and philosophy. Also, he will be attracted to progressive ideas and will probably pursue advanced degrees in his field. Most likely Duncan will not pay much attention to details and will make decisions abruptly. His style of communication will be frank, open, sympathetic, and uninhibited, although sometimes he could get into trouble for saying things in the wrong place or to the wrong person. Duncan will be very sociable and will like sharing his knowledge with others. His great curiosity will enable him to learn from everyone and from every situation, but his opinions will not be consistent. He could be influenced by the people he admires and whose recognition he seeks. Duncan will have a great sense of humor and will always see the funny side of his experiences. His great sympathy and enthusiasm will make him very popular among his friends.

Mercury in 9th house:

Education will be a very important aspect of Duncan's life. He will be interested in law, medicine, philosophy, religion, and everything related to old and exotic cultures. He will probably travel frequently and will also learn several languages. Duncan could excel as a teacher, historian, or anthropologist. Also, he will be very intuitive and a visionary, though sometimes he could be a bit dogmatic. In spite of his strong convictions, Duncan will encounter situations which cause him to question beliefs and will transform his way of thinking.

Mercury Conjunction Jupiter:

 Duncan will have an insatiable curiosity and the ability to grasp the "big picture". He will be enthusiastic about many things and he will tend to exaggerate when he is speaking. Duncan will have a superior intelligence that will allow him to learn any subject quickly and easily. However, he could be a bit careless and inconstant with his studies and must learn to be more disciplined and organized. Duncan will be very kind, sympathetic, and optimistic. Also, he will express himself very well verbally and will show a natural talent for public relations. Duncan will probably be interested in history, law, and education in general. He will pursue a high level of education that will allow him to travel and to get to know different cultures and languages.

Mercury Square Uranus:

 Duncan will have an alert and active mind. His ideas and thoughts will be atypical, eccentric, and uniquely his own. He will rebel against limitations to his freedom and anything he considers to be an imposition. Duncan will be restless, nervous, arrogant, and very particular about his likings and choices. His opinions will be shocking and unprejudiced, and he will not care what others think of them. Most likely, he will not concentrate on one subject for very long. His restless mind keeps him changing and moving constantly, with the risk of leaving things unfinished. He will enjoy challenging others' ideas and will be very bright and sharp. Duncan must learn to be more relaxed in order to avoid nervous exhaustion.

Gemini on 3rd house cusp:

 Duncan will be very clever and will have a great ability to express his ideas. He will be very versatile and curious, so he will know a little of everything, and will always have something to say on any topic. He will probably not be very persevering and will get bored quite easily, especially if his studies are long and/or routine. His mind will be constantly working on ways to achieve the professional success he is seeking. Duncan will make frequent short trips in his life and will easily learn different languages. He will make decisions quickly, and though he will not take time to think about them, most of his decisions will be accurate and clever. Duncan will be talkative and sometimes it will be difficult for him to keep his secrets safe.


                                               *** Chapter 5 ***

Destiny: vocation, profession, probability of success and
social recognition.

Capricorn MC

Duncan will excel on account of his great perseverance and tenacity. His spirit of sacrifice will make him study, work, and then succeed. The second part of his life will be quieter and more comfortable; Duncan will have much experience and wisdom. His destiny will not include sudden achievements or strokes of luck. Everything will be achieved little by little with a lot of struggle and effort. He will be interested by science in general, excelling in mathematics or physics. He will also show a great love of nature and will enjoy being outdoors in touch with the earth. Duncan will have great vitality and will treat each obstacle as a personal challenge. He will have noble and firm principles and will enjoy places and people representing discipline and authority. It is very important for him to feel free to pursue his goals; his family as well as his marriage must not become a burden for him.

 His career choice could be one of the following professions: agronomy, geology, forestry, computer technology, accounting, corporate management, physics, chemistry, etc., and any other profession where he could exercise his authority and tenacity.

Duncan's family could be ruled by strict moral principles or by traditions which limit his freedom. Duncan will know what sacrifice means and will be very persevering. Capricorn individuals will have a strong influence on his destiny.


                                              *** Chapter 6 ***

Health: probable physical problems and recommendations for
diet and nutrition.

Sun in Capricorn:

Capricorn rules the knees, the tendons, the joints, the skin, and the hair. Duncan will be very methodical and efficient in following any recommended diet or treatment. His big problem will be the tendency to a sedentary lifestyle, staying in the same place for a long time without adequate ventilation. Duncan will be a very responsible person and will not enjoy physical activity, as he will consider it "wasted time". Generally, he will be healthy and any problems will come from worry and nervousness; that is why he must cultivate his sense of humor, his flexibility, optimism, and a positive mental attitude toward life. His solid, persistent, and ironclad nature will make him fight vigorously before succumbing to illness.

 In order to be healthy, Duncan will have to consider the following advice: he will have to find a healthy balance between work time and leisure time, spending time outdoors in the sunlight when possible, breathing pure air; he will have to practice a sport like swimming, as well as Yoga exercises, and some sort of meditative practice; he will need to avoid isolating himself when feeling depressed; he will have to avoid smoking, giving more time to meals with varied but not heavy or highly seasoned food, which he makes sure to chew well before swallowing; he will have to practice mental control and relaxation exercises; and mainly he will have to take life a little less seriously, laughing and enjoying it as much as possible.

Saturn in Cancer:

 This astrological position could bring a loss of appetite due to emotional problems, a low level of hydrochloric acid causing poor digestion, below normal gastric secretions, and poor assimilation of Vitamin B-12. Generally, Duncan will not assimilate all the nutritive substances from what he eats, which could make him weak and possibly anemic.

 Leo on 6th house cusp:

 The short term problems related to Duncan's health could originate from low vitality, a lack of oxygenation of the blood, a lack of Vitamins A and D, and magnesium. This could bring problems with the circulatory system, a lack of irrigation to the arms and legs, heart problems, palpitations, chest angina, fever, etc. Generally, all the problems with his health will be closely associated with his emotional world.

 In order to prevent these problems, Duncan should include these elements in his diet: alfalfa, asparagus, broccoli, carrots, celery, lettuce, green and red peppers, spinach, watercress, sweet potato, tomato, fresh or dry peach, cherry, apple, lemon, orange, wheat germ, sunflower seeds, fresh cheese, and yogurt.

 The long term problems related to Duncan's health could originate from exhaustion of the nervous system, which could result in stress, spasms, and general irregularities of the body due to tension. Also, Duncan could have ankle swelling, varicose veins, and pains in the legs.

 In order to prevent these problems, he should follow the diet mentioned above, plus all foods high in the B Vitamins, like: chick peas, lentils, legumes in general, whole grains, walnuts and seeds, coconut, grapes, lemon, pineapple, wheat germ, bee pollen, egg yolk, etc. It will also be important for him to wear comfortable shoes with low heels and to walk barefooted sometimes.

 Neptune in 6th house:

 Duncan could have health problems that are difficult to diagnose, which could lead to inadequate treatments or incorrect medications, causing a toxic condition. He should avoid all strong medication and turn to natural cures in order to prevent any kind of poisoning. Also, he will have to avoid alcohol, nicotine and tranquilizers. Generally, Duncan's problems will originate in his emotional world, appearing during times of emotional or family crisis.

 Uranus in 12th house:

 Duncan could have problems with the nervous responses of the body, suffering palpitations, spasms, nervousness; he could also suffer on account of unconscious physical reactions. Duncan must control his nervous tension, perhaps through meditation or relaxation exercises. His health problems will appear suddenly, almost unexpectedly.


*** Chapter 7 ***

Generational influence: ideas and feelings common to
your child's age group.

Uranus in Pisces:

Duncan's generation is creative and artistically inspired. They will promote and contribute to music, theater, literature, and philosophy. They will create new styles, which will be expressed in very refined ways and will last through time. They will also be interested in mystical matters as well as non-Western philosophies. Duncan will have good intentions in his heart; he will be intuitive, idealistic, and very imaginative. However, his great sensitivity could make him restless and quick to react to everything. Most likely, Duncan will have an escapist attitude about dealing with problems and will be very uncomfortable with any display of aggression.

Neptune in Leo:

Duncan's generation will be very romantic, idealistic, and artistic. They will show a strong attraction to action, color, and drama. The movie industry will have a huge influence on the fantasies and dreams of this generation. As a part of this group, Duncan will idealize the people he loves; as a consequence, he could be vulnerable to disappointment. He must be careful to avoid coloring his perceptions of others with his imagination, and will have to try to accept them the way they are. He will like being powerful and will not easily accept the authority of others.

Neptune Trine Pluto:

 Duncan will have great creative and artistic ability. Also, he will fight against injustice and will try to reform the legislative system. His intuition will be powerful and will compel him to study and uncover the secrets of nature. Most likely, his ideas about freedom or the way he will use his mystic knowledge will not be totally understood; however, his interest in this matter will not vanish.

 Pluto in Aries:

 Duncan's generation will be motivated by a deep feeling of individualism, freedom, and independence. They will not tolerate oppression and will try to express their opinions freely. At this time, new concepts of government and social organization will emerge; they will show great enthusiasm for every invention or discovery. Duncan will feel compelled to impose his ideas on others with authority and will act vigorously and with confidence. His imagination will not have limits and he will need to learn how to direct his energies with more discipline.



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