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We know that "timing is everything". There are periods in our lives when relationships are our primary focus, and other times when career or financial concerns are demanding all the attention. Wouldn't it be nice to know ahead of time which area of life is the next to be highlighted?
Cosmic Timing
Cosmic Timing - To Do or Not To 

 Check this page every month for the time periods when you'll be doing yourself a favor by NOTscheduling important appointments, interviews, sales calls, sign contracts....etc.....   Please note that just because a day does NOT appear on this page, does not mean that it's automatically 'optimum' for scheduling everything else. See Consultation Services for information on getting the best dates for whatever purposes you need (from wedding dates, to opening a business, starting a new job, listing a property, signing a contract...and more).

The times given are in Eastern Time - please remember to make any adjustments for the time zone you live in!

Find out more......ask questions or
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Again, keep in mind that these are the periods when you DO NOT want to schedule appointments, meetings, make offers, sign contracts, etc.

These periods are fine for spiritual pursuits, relaxing, catching up and any activity that you don't want to yield concrete results....

So here, for your scheduling convenience are:  


MARCH   2010

Mar  1   12:36P    to    7:31PM Moo enters Libra

Mar  3   3:43P    to     9:11P

Mar  5  11:31P    to    Mar  6   at  2:36A 

Mar  8   6:13A    to    12:13P
Mar 10   4:59P    to    Mar 11   at 12:42A
Mar 13   7:57A    to     1:44P

Daylight Savings starts 3/14/10-so times given below are EDT

            JANUARY   2010

Jan  1   10:43A    to    9:41PM Moo enters Leo
Jan  3    4:55P    to    9:52PM Moo enters Virgo
Jan  5   12:24P    to   11:58PM Moo enters Libra
Jan  8    1:07A    to    5:00AM Moo enters Scorpio
Jan 10   10:02A    to   1:10PM Moo enters Sagittarius
Jan 12    9:43P    to   11:54PM Moo enters Capricorn
Jan 15    4:02A    to   12:17PM Moo enters Aquarius

**JAN 15 - SOLAR ECLIPSE  @  2:11AM
**JAN 15 - Mercury goes direct  @11:52AM

Jan 17    3:23P    to   Jan 18  @ 1:17AM Moo enters Pisces
Jan 20    1:06A    to    1:36PM Moo enters Aries
Jan 22    2:47P    to   11:39PM Moo enters Taurus

Jan 24   10:03P    to   Jan 25  @ 6:11AM Moo enters Gemini
Jan 27    1:33A    to    9:01AM Moo enters Cancer
Jan 28   11:48P    to   Jan 29  @  9:10AM Moo enters Leo

Jan 31    1:27A    to    8:23AM Moo enters Virgo

      FEBRUARY 2010

Feb  1   11:17P  to   Feb  2  @ 8:42 AM Moo enters Libra

Feb  4    4:27A    to   11:55AM Moo enters Scorpio

Feb  6   11:11A    to    7:04PM Moo enters Sagittarius

Feb  8   11:58P    to   Feb 9  @ 5:44AM Moo enters Capricorn

Feb 11    7:39A    to    6:24PM Moo enters Aquarius

Feb 13   11:33P    to   Feb 14  @ 7:23AM Moo enters Pisces

Feb 16    9:32A    to    7:30PM Moo enters Aries

Feb 18   10:52P    to   Feb 19  @  5:55 AM Moo enters Taurus

Feb 21    7:15A    to    1:47PM Moo enters Gemini

Feb 23   12:29P    to    6:29PM Moo enters Cancer

Feb 25   12:48P    to    8:08PM Moo enters Leo

Feb 27    3:15P    to    7:52PM Moo enters Virgo



Oct    2    11:29P   to   Oct 3 at 5:21A

Oct    5     1:46A   to      12:33P
Oct    7     1:19P   to        5:46P
Oct    9     9:35P   to        9:48P

Oct   11     9:37P   to   Oct 12 at 1:02A
Oct   13     5:21P   to   Oct 14 at 3:45A
Oct   16     6:18A   to       6:29A

Oct   18     1:33A   to      10:23A
Oct   20     2:57P   to        4:49P
Oct   23     2:39A   to        2:39A

Oct   25     2:15P   to        3:08P
Oct   28     3:22A   to        3:45A
Oct   30    12:56A   to        1:56P

******   NOVEMBER   2009   *******

Nov     1      8:30A   to    7:45P
Nov     3      1:05P   to   11:53P
Nov     5     10:47P   to   Nov 6 @  2:42A
Nov     7      5:26P   to   Nov 8  @  5:23A

Nov     9      9:43P   to   Nov 10 @  8:30A
Nov    12      2:13A  to    12:22P
Nov    14      6:10A  to     5:24P

Nov    16      2:14P  to    Nov 17 @ 12:22A
Nov    18      9:46P  to    Nov 19 @ 10:01A
Nov    21     10:04P  to    10:11P

Nov    23     10:36P  to    Nov 24 @ 11:07A
Nov    26      9:17A  to    10:11P
Nov    28      6:33P  to     Nov 29 @ 5:34A

*******     DECEMBER 2009     *********

Dec      1      8:39A  to     9:23A
Dec      3      5:28A  to    11:01A
Dec      5     12:08A  to    12:07P

Dec      7       3:58A  to     2:05P
**Mercury retrograde Preview starts 12/9/09**
Dec      9       5:04A  to     5:47P
Dec     11      12:45P  to   11:31P

Dec     13       8:18P   to   Dec 14 @ 7:25A
Dec     16       7:02A   to    5:32P
Dec     18       3:07P   to   Dec 19 @ 5:39A

Dec     21       7:54A   to    6:42P
**Mars goes retrograde 12/20/09 @8:27A EST**
Dec     24       3:09A   to    6:39A
Dec     26       6:44A   to    3:26P
**Mercury goes retrograde 12/26/09 @9:38A EST**
Dec     28      12:54P   to    8:13P
Dec     30        3:29P  to    9:45P



  ****  August   2009  ****

Aug   2   1:42A   to     4:08A
Aug   4   9:21A   to     5:08P
**Aug 5 Lunar Eclipse @ 8:55P EDT  **
Aug   6   8:20P   to      Aug  7  at 5:34A

Aug   9   8:44A   to      4:23P
Aug  11   4:04P   to      Aug  12 at 12:50A
Aug  13  11:17P   to      Aug  14 at  6:25A

Aug  16    2:19A  to       9:13A
**Mercury retrograde preview begins  Aug 17**
Aug  18    3:09A  to       9:57A 
Aug  20    6:02A  to      10:00A
Aug  22    7:44A  to      11:12A

Aug  24    2:10P   to       3:16P
Aug  26    2:34P   to      11:16P
Aug  29    1:26A   to      10:44A

Aug  31    2:09P   to       11:43P

    SEPTEMBER 2009

Sep   3     1:20A   to      11:58A
Sep   5    12:53P   to      10:14P

****Mercury goes retrograde 9/7/09
Sep   7      8:13P   to    Sep 8 at 6:18A
Sep  10      3:17A  to      12:17P
Sep  12      7:30A  to        4:20P

Sep  14      9:57A  to        6:39P
Sep  16     12:11P  to        7:56P
Sep  18       7:56P  to        9:26P

Sep  20       2:44P   to    Sep 21 at 12:52A
Sep  22      11:32P  to     Sep 23  at  7:43A
Sep  25      10:15A  to       6:19P

Sep  27      11:33P   to     Sep 28 at 7:07A

**Mercury goes direct  9/29/09
Sep  30        7:35A  to      7:26P


Happy scheduling~  **Amy** 



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