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We know that "timing is everything". There are periods in our lives when relationships are our primary focus, and other times when career or financial concerns are demanding all the attention. Wouldn't it be nice to know ahead of time which area of life is the next to be highlighted?
Abraham Lincoln

Spoken like a true Aquarian:

Two of my favorite things are sitting on my front porch smoking a pipe of sweet hemp, and playing my Hohner harmonica.” - Abraham Lincoln

— (from a letter written by Lincoln during his presidency to the head of the Hohner Harmonica Company in Germany) Robbie Gennet: On Role Models and their Bongs

                                        AstroInsight Report for
                   Abraham Lincoln 

February 12, 1809
6:54 AM
Hodgenville, Kentucky



Amy J Volkers Astrological Insights


This report contains specific tactics to help you achieve your destiny. If you pick up just one appropriate tip and stick with it, this report will have paid for itself many times over.



This report is not to be taken for medical or legal advice and is not for therapy or fortune telling purposes. It is not even a substitute for a live reading with a real astrologer. It is an exercise of free speech and of the press. You are reminded that life is what you make it. Enjoy yourself. Different planetary energies can work at cross purposes. No doubt, like yourself, this report is vast enough to contain contradictions. Each section will help you to identify and resolve some of your conflicts and quandaries. This report can even encourage you to raise your hopes.




Lucky Lottery Numbers for Abraham Lincoln




The following are your exclusive lucky numbers based upon

the position of the heavenly bodies at your birth.



23 7 9 40 11 44 13 37 6 10




                          Abraham Lincoln's DAILY NUMBER


Technical stuff & your numbers


Sun 23 Aqu 27           Pluto 13 Pis 37
Moon 27 Cap 00       True Node 6 Sco 10
Mercury 10 Pis 18     Asc. 22 Aqu 05
Venus 7 Ari 28           MC 7 Sag 27
Mars 25 Lib 30          Ceres 12 Pis 26
Jupiter 22 Pis 05       Pallas 28 Aqu 34
Saturn 3 Sag 09        Juno 20 Pis 29
Uranus 9 Sco 40        Vesta 9 Ari 23
Neptune 6 Sag 41     Chiron 11 Aqu 44


Abraham Lincoln's Birth Data


Born on February 12, 1809 at 6:54 AM in Hodgenville, Kentucky
Tropical Placidus Local Mean Time observed
GMT: 12:36:58 Time Zone: 0 hours West
Lat. and Long. of birth: 37 N 34 26 85 W 44 24


Aspects and orbs:
Conjunction : 7 Deg 00 Min   Oposition : 7 Deg 00 Min
Trine : 3 Deg 30 Min               Square : 3 Deg 30 Min
Quintile : 1 Deg 45 Min           Biquintile : 1 Deg 45 Min
Sextile : 3 Deg 30 Min            Septile : 1 Deg 10 Min
Biseptile : 1 Deg 10 Min         Triseptile : 1 Deg 10 Min
Semisquare : 1 Deg 45 Min    Ssquiquadrate: 1 Deg 45 Min
Novile : 1 Deg 10 Min               Binovile : 1 Deg 10 Min 
Quadranovile : 1 Deg 10 Min   Decile : 1 Deg 45 Min  
Tridecile : 1 Deg 45 Min           Undecile : 0 Deg 42 Min
Semisextile : 1 Deg 45 Min      Quincunx : 1 Deg 45 Min


Chapter 1

Elementally Abraham Lincoln


Introducing the "building blocks" of astrology

The ancients conceived of four elements that made up the universe: fire, earth, air and water. The section that follows provides a broad, general outline of your character and describes your "elemental" make-up.



Abraham Lincoln: The basics

Fewer than 2 planets in Earth signs:

Because of a certain restlessness and discontent, you're not the most practical person in the world. You may even be a bit spacey. In fact, sometimes you may wonder if you are of this world. Try using a "to do" list to your advantage and train yourself in the habit of carrying out important tasks without procrastinating. The things of the mundane hold little interest for you.


Four or more planets in Water signs:


A great deal of your time is spent in the world of feelings, emotions and intuitions. For the most part, your life is experienced as an ebb and flow of emotional tides and currents. You usually react strongly to the emotional atmosphere of any given situation. You don't deal with people so much by their outward appearance as you do by their inner state. You seem to know things intuitively and have some degree of psychic power. Your best communication is often nonverbal.


You are very impressionable though you try to hide it. Since intangibles play a great role in your life, practicality or intellectualism isn't necessarily your thing.


Few things bring you greater happiness than a successful close personal relationship. You have an innate understanding of the interconnectedness and interdependence of all forms of life. Empathy, compassion and emotional rapport are your strengths. However, not many people are ready to merge with another the way you are so you need to learn to recognize and respect other peoples' boundaries. Because of your constant awareness of other peoples' emotions, you need to protect yourself in ways such as the practice some form of daily prayer or meditation.


All things aquatic and nautical fascinate you and you are in your natural element when surrounded by water. So, get yourself a hot tub, a waterbed, an aquarium or a fountain. Or live by a great body of water. Because of your heightened sensitivity to fluids, you are advised to drink purified water or bottled water.


 Five or more planets in Mutable signs:


You're more versatile than most people. You enjoy variety and become bored easily. You're pretty good at adapting to change and going with the flow. In fact, you'd rather go with the tide than against it. Put another way, you're accommodating and obliging. You can adjust.


You're good at getting the word out- by phone, by pen or whatever.


It's possible that you do six or seventeen dozen things at a time. You're certainly not suited for the Zen approach of one thing at a time; nevertheless, try and focus yourself more. Establish your top two priorities in each of several arenas of your life.




Chapter 2

Sun for Abraham Lincoln


The Sun gives you light and life. It also represents how and where you shine. The Sun is the star of self-expression, ego-identity, leadership, honor, glory and pride.


Sun in Aquarius:


Essentially, you're friendly and you enjoy people. But if the people are emotionally needy, then you start looking for your space. If there are confirming signals in other sections of this report, you are able to march to the beat of a different drummer. You can be rather eccentric as well as just a bit stubborn, unpredictable, and contrary.


You can be a fabulous communicator, due to the fact that you are perceptive, intelligent, and highly intuitive. It's important for you to emphasize your originality and independence. You're no snob nor hypocrite. You have the potential to develop tremendous social skills. The more you adopt the "live and let live" attitude, the more friends you will make.



Sun in 1st house:


You can find yourself and be yourself by strutting down a new avenue of self expression. You can become more of a pioneer and a self starter. You should show the world more of your talent and assume a "can do, will do" attitude and lifestyle. You can become a superstar. Gently remind yourself to stay focused in the present moment.


You can lose yourself by denying your spontaneity, strong personality, and leadership abilities. You can lose yourself in pessimism. You can lose yourself by trying to fit in more and stand out less. You can lose yourself by forgetting the difference between true will and stubbornness. Since much of your self-confidence comes from how you appear to others, it is crucial that you approach others from your heart.


You can ground yourself and get in touch with the Earth by taking long walks or practicing your tennis game on clay courts or grass. Make a date to go walking in a safe, beautiful environment at dawn and sunset.



Ruler of 5th house in 1st:


You will work to diminish the impatient, combative side of human nature. To give from the heart, you are encouraged to improve your personal appearance, temperament and disposition. Your personal identity can be very much tied up in your appearance. A "do it yourself" attitude may be necessary for success. To express your love, consider living the kind of life that gets you into the limelight. You can really achieve something by "playing with the controls" of your disposition. You can do something original, creative and brilliant with yourself.


Sun Conjunct Asc.:


The universe wants you to know that it's OK for you to be an individual, to stand out, and to be just a bit different from everybody else. The universe supports your efforts to be a unique human being.


To be a star you need to clarify your life's purpose and increase your life force. From time to time, it would be good for you to awake at dawn and begin your day with ritual, prayer, and meditation. Your life will be as interesting and exciting as you decide it will be.


Sun Trine Mars:


You are aggressive and assertive. You are also strong, willful, energetic, competitive, dramatic, and enterprising.


You are willing to work hard and, if necessary, face danger in the pursuit of your goals. You tend to do what you think is right. You are not one to give up or give in to fear. To become a star you need to channel some of your energy into physical activity, such as athletics and exercise. When you're restless, a good work-out can be very helpful.


Sun SemiSquare Venus:


You know how to please people, and you want to be liked. You can become a star by swaying and persuading others with your natural charm and style. Comfort, pleasure, and luxury are necessary ingredients in your life in order for you to be you.


Sun Tridecile True Node:


A powerful person may help you to achieve your dreams. You are capable of becoming an exemplary individual.


You can favorably alter your future through contacts with the right people.


You have probably heard about past lives but your present and future lives are just as important. So attune yourself to your present and your future and you will be a winner.


Sun Semisextile Jupiter:


There's something big about you and your character. You're generous and have a zest for living. You are lucky and tend to be warm, outgoing, and happy.


Your natural optimism and open-mindedness bring out the best in those you gather around you. Your lively sense of humor can compensate for many of your other less positive traits. Celebrate big deals over big meals.


Sun Biseptile Uranus:


A wholesome approach to the pursuit of originality and intuition brings an abundance of physical energy. Genius has a subtle power that you can tap. You've got a LUCKY 7 going for you here. To increase your good luck, become more autonomous. Take a day of rest and think of new ways to brighten your aura. You can take a different approach to friendship.


You can become a star by channeling your willpower through your mind. Once you have mastered the necessary technological tools and have formed the necessary strategic alliances, your success will be extraordinary. You were born to accomplish something new and different. Your confidence and enthusiasm can inspire others. Make new friends. Learn new skills.


You are brilliant, original and independent though, at the same time, somewhat erratic, impulsive, and rebellious. You're naturally innovative and can become a star by adjusting your talents to the information age. Marriage is challenging for you, to say the least. Before someone becomes your lover, see if they are your friend. Give yourself permission to enjoy unusual relationships with outstanding characters.


Sun Binovile Saturn:


Have the courage to follow where your heart leads you, namely to the power of hard work. Will dramatic changes be necessary? Be honest with yourself. You could get more involved with the elderly, executives, administrators, the state, ecology, the earth, and decision makers. You're suited for activities involving executive and organizational skills.




Chapter 3

Moon for Abraham Lincoln


Astrologically speaking, the Moon is an instinctual force. It is a symbol of your emotional life including such things as home, family, mother, dreams, feelings, the public, women and your early childhood.


 Moon in Capricorn:


You like to maintain your dignity and keep your emotions in check. Normally, you're somewhat cautious, shy and reserved. Under stress, you can get very cold and business-like. Your critics may say that you have no feelings. You might have had a mother who was not the most huggy, kissy person in the world.


It's important for you to let go of harsh self judgments. Focus on realistic self-improvement projects. At times, you can be uptight and rigid. You could benefit from having professional body work, massage, or chiropractic treatments. You should pay more attention to your body and its basic needs.


You should also learn to respond more and to get to understand your feelings. Try taking a calculated risk to find out who really loves you. The more clearly you can define your concept of fun, the more fun you will have.


You're pragmatic. You can work hard and go after and achieve many of your goals and ambitions. Money, power and status interest you, and you're responsible enough to get them. Discipline, patience and commitment will win the day for you. It's O.K. for you to "go for the gold"!



Moon in 12th house:


You need to find ongoing release from the pressures of day-to-day living. You feel at home when you are searching your soul. You feel safe nurturing the spiritual growth of others.


Use your psychic abilities to hone in on what makes you feel good. Schedule good long hot soaks in the tub. Cater to the needs of your imagination. Cultivate your hidden talents. Inspire yourself by visiting a museum. Find the faith to dream a new dream.



Ruler of 4TH house in 1st:


You could inherit some family-owned real estate. Compared to most people, your self-image and self-esteem will play a greater role in your sense of security.


 Moon Square Mars:


People are sometimes touchy and will appreciate any sensitivity you show for them. However, you need to burn off some steam and enjoy some competitive sport. Feel your feelings.


Sometimes, when you get psyched, you like to take the initiative. By being brave you can overcome obstacles. You can get involved with people by starting new projects. Yes, it can be up to you to fire the emotional charge and get things going.


Your mother might have been a bit of a hot head. You are candid, sincere and excitable and must deal with intense emotions. You can successfully relate to people once you learn to control your temper.


Moon Quintile Venus:


Your cheerful disposition can make it easy for you to relate to people. Your tact and diplomacy serve you well. Your sensitivity and tenderness can bring you love. When you can tune your emotions to your social involvements, Cupid will adjust his arrow for you. Enjoy your physical and emotional desires.


You might have a sweet tooth and relate to people in a rather sensuous manner. You want to make your home a pleasant place. However, you also enjoy getting out in public and enjoying success. You can do very favorable things in conjunction with women, including business and politics as well as in the personal dimension.


You can successfully relate to people once you learn some social graces and manners. You naturally have strong feelings of love and friendship. You're a born diplomat.


It is fairly easy for you to establish rapport with others and make people feel good. You are cheerful, calm and optimistic. Using a mixture of charm and sincerity, you can get almost anything you are looking for.


Moon SemiSquare Mercury:


Your humor and wit can win you friends. Learn to relate to people by learning new communication skills. You can deliver facts in an emotional way. You have a unique interpretation or spin on information. Once you're sure of your convictions, you can bring something genuinely interesting to the communications process.


You can cultivate literary abilities. Begin a dream journal. Talk to people about their dreams. Forge new links between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. Become more aware of the true nature of your emotions.


You experience more than an average amount of mental tension. You can successfully relate to others by thinking before you speak. Learn to separate facts from fancies.


You can get into trouble through too much rationalizing. When you do what you "should" do and "the sensible thing," rather than what you feel like doing, you can make yourself unhappy.


Moon SemiSquare Pluto:


Your sensitivity is strong and intense. From time to time you need to take a chance on an emotional adventure. You were made for enriching relationships. You can relate to others once you have mastered your own self assurance. There could be a touch of the fanatic or zealot in you or your mother. You will need to learn to deal with emotional extremes, insatiable needs, and insane demands made upon you.


Moon Septile Neptune:


Part of you is sensitive, romantic and subject to changing moods. You can relate to people through music and art. Find your tune and dance to it. You can experience spiritual, mental and physical healing. Refine your inner vision.


People see your aura and are drawn by your mystique. You can make the most sensuous dreams come vividly true.


You can learn to make excellent sales presentations and to do creative work. Small sacrifices can help you to obtain specific goals. You can be so idealistic that you need to keep your world straight. Give yourself an edge by clearly defining what you want and then going for it.


Moon Binovile True Node:


You have a spiritual link to other people in past and future lifetimes. The eclipse cycle has an inordinate effect upon your destiny. In this lifetime, you must again visit Stonehenge.


The more you share friendships, the more you share destiny. Cultivate your social productivity.





Chapter 4

Mercury for Abraham Lincoln


Mercury describes patterns of thought, of learning, and of assessing reality. Consequently it affects your self-image and your thinking processes.




Mercury in Pisces:


You tend to absorb ideas easily, learning through osmosis rather than study. You're somewhat psychic, intuitive, telepathic and receptive to the thoughts of others although you may not be entirely aware of it. You are also very impressionable and need to be in an environment which serves your needs. Your style of communication can be mysterious and rather ethereal. You may even be somewhat of an absent-minded professor type.


You can be overly sensitive to criticism and will benefit from private coaching, mentoring and tutoring. You may be secretive and keep your own ideas to yourself. Be sure to find the right balance between normal privacy needs and being a recluse.


Your vivid imagination is an asset in the arts and creative endeavors. And you can put it to good use. You may be involved in photography and film work. You need to learn to get your ideas across in a clear and orderly fashion.



Mercury in 1st house:


It's important for you to be more aware of your physical body, thinking of new ways to look and act more youthfully. Don't forget to give yourself more positive strokes and praise. Take some time to dialogue with your ideal self. Study and learn more about the hero archetype and how to develop your individuality.


You can accomplish great things by paying attention to the way that you express yourself. You may improve your luck by improving your education. And you may profit by reading a few self-help books.



Ruler of 3rd house in 1st:


Your personal identity can be very much tied to the expression of your opinions. Travel is good for you and so is just about anything that you can do with your hands. Consider doing the kind of things that get you into the limelight.



Mercury Conjunct Pluto:


Your mind is resourceful, probing and persistent. You are fascinated and, at times, even obsessed with the mysterious and the unknown. You can be very persuasive, cunning and sly. You would be very good in fields such as surgery, research, analysis, propaganda, politics and exploration. Be relentless in your mental routines and in time you will gain insight. This will help you find an appropriate outlet for sharing your deepest, most penetrating thoughts and ideas. You have great appeal for the masses.


Psychology will play a pivotal role in your life.


Mercury Trine Uranus:


Small and effective actions are better than too much talk. Learn to speak through your deeds. To make more money, learn to assimilate more information, especially in more technical subjects. When you feel yourself getting very bored with your work, it is time for you to look for a different job. You can make more money by becoming more independent in your thinking and progressive in your actions.


You have an intuitive, astute, independent and original mind.


Mercury Square MC:


The more clearly you express yourself, the more successful your career becomes. You can share your ideas with the world at large by cultivating, circulating and syndicating your information. A little humor might help to make it more effective.


Aimlessness can be your downfall. Get clear about who you are and where you are going. Make specific plans for specific goals.


Moon SemiSquare Mercury:


Imaginative and intuitive, your thinking is colored by emotion. You have a dynamic mental tension and enjoy listening and opening up to other people's opinions. Perhaps you prefer taking the easy way out. With great effort, you can exchange powerful ideas with others.


Mercury Sesquiquadrate Mars:


Your powerful mind and enterprising spirit will help you to realize your goals. You're restless, curious, impatient and need to slow down from time to time to improve the quality of your communication. Fast talking may or may not be appropriate, depending upon circumstances.


It is possible that you have a quick temper and are fast to criticize. You can reduce the probability of headaches by reducing patterns of nagging self-criticism.


Mercury Semisextile Chiron:


You should read and write about holistic health practices.





Chapter 5

Venus for Abraham Lincoln


Astrologically speaking, the planet Venus is the force of affinity. Venus represents a good part of what you attract, cherish, enjoy and are receptive to. Venus describes much of what makes life worth living - among others, love and creativity.


 Venus in Aries:


Your love is ardent and enthusiastic. You can be passionate, impulsive and sensuous. Romantic adventures are important to you. Venus encourages you to actively assert yourself in the spirit of love. And you especially enjoy "love at first sight".


You give off powerful magnetic energy and are very outgoing. You can more easily get what you want from others by making an attempt to better understand their feelings. You think fast and get many bright ideas.


 Venus in 1st house:


You can find love and be in love by cultivating your creative and social powers. Allow yourself to be more of a social mixer. Enjoy more give and take with people. Just be yourself and let yourself relate naturally to other people.


Turn on your charm. Improve your personal appearance. Make yourself more attractive. Treat yourself to some top quality clothes. Create beauty and attractive conditions all around you.


 Ruler of 7TH house in 1st:


Be sure to always look your best because your appearance, temperament, and disposition are key ingredients in your successful one-on-one relationships. Furthermore, your personal identity can be very much tied to your success in this area. You need to find the "just right" partner. What you really need to attract is a soul mate.


Venus Trine Neptune:


There is a side of you that is kind and sensitive but you can also be high strung and temperamental. At times you are a starry eyed romantic dreamer and idealist. You can be both appreciative and compassionate toward those you love. Because of your sensitivity, you will make yourself happier by getting clearer about your intentions before you become involved with someone. In other words, you need to decide what you consciously and unconsciously want in relationships. Make good use of your powers of attraction.


You should cultivate more faith in yourself and disassociate yourself from people who try to tell you what you should do. Do what you feel like doing. Do what feels good. You can substantially improve your chances for success by associating with individuals who share aspirations similar to your own. In some way, you could turn your love for music into a money making proposition.


Venus Trine MC:


You should work on learning manners, tact, and style. It will help to advance your career. If you make an extra effort and you can use your creative talents professionally.


Moon Quintile Venus:


Affectionate, tender and graceful, you like things to be running smoothly and harmoniously. You're a sensitive, caring person. To be happy, you need a beautiful, loving environment. You are receptive to the arts. However, in order to keep the peace with others, you may avoid confrontations.


Your creative efforts have strong effect on people's emotions. You can contribute to the public good.


Sun SemiSquare Venus:


You struggle to be popular and well-liked. You can learn to use your charm to get what you want.


Venus SemiSquare Asc.:


It is your personal challenge to develop natural charm and display your beauty. You can get what you want through the use of tact and diplomacy. People love your artistic, sociable, harmonious attitude.


Venus Quincunx True Node:


In order to be fulfilled, you need other people but you might not be cut out for regular social intercourse. You should push yourself to seek new friendships. Once you increase your social connections, you will increase your political influence. Seek and find alternative community groups. Once you develop a more sociable, obliging manner you could open new gates to the future.




Chapter 6

Mars for Abraham Lincoln


Astrologically speaking, the planet Mars is the force of motivation and mobilization. It is a symbol of your drive, action and energy.


 Mars in Libra:


Teamwork is important for you. You have a strong urge to join with others in different kinds of groups. You please yourself by pleasing others. Once you find the right partner, you are content. You can profit by regular exercise such as tennis, badminton, ping pong, racquetball, or fencing



Mars in 8th house:


Giving and receiving are themes for you to actively probe. Work with currents of subtle energy. Explore kundalini. Become more responsible and self reliant.



Ascendant in Aquarius and Uranus in Scorpio:


You may come across to others as being very friendly, as well as progressive and unorthodox. At times you may wear a mask or assume a persona that causes you to appear quite cool but, at the same time, humanitarian. When seeking a mate be sure to look for someone who is loyal and passionate but who also allows you your personal space. When dealing with a partner or significant other you may be quite flamboyant and dramatic.


At your best you appear altruistic. At your worst you may seem to be too different. However, appearances are usually somewhat deceiving. For a better look at the real you, read on. Please note that this section of the report is most time sensitive and can be off if your time of birth is not accurate.


Somewhat contrary to the above, you can be rather mysterious and secretive. Once you become comfortable with how to express your own unique energy, you are halfway to success.


Because the planet Uranus is said to be the "ruler" of your chart, Chapter 9 on Uranus is crucial to understanding ways that you can make your life run more smoothly.


 Sun Trine Mars:


Sports and fitness can be your thing. You are courageous, strong and daring and possess healthy appetites. It's important to develop your stamina and physique and effectively channel your boundless energy.


There are indications that you are hot blooded, vigorous, vital, energetic and competitive. To become a star, you need regular physical activity. You can be impulsive, rash, and pugnacious. You have a volatile personality with explosive energy. You also have leadership ability and a capacity for hard work. However, you do need to get some recognition and a turn in the limelight.


Mars Trine Asc.:


Having more will power than humility, you are hard driving and passionate with a fighting spirit. Physical fitness can be your path to self-fulfillment.


You may have a reddish tone to your skin and hair.


Moon Square Mars:


When you can't express your personality the way you would like, you can get very moody and become emotionally tense, excitable, impatient, or quarrelsome. It's important for you to find ways to use your naturally strong energy but, at the same time, find appropriate ways to care for others.


For the most part, you are emotionally dynamic, energetic and independent, and enjoy robust good health. You probably enjoy spicy, hot food. Efforts from the outside world to control you have failed; you need to learn some self control.


Mercury Sesquiquadrate Mars:


You effectively utilize your strong power of thought. You are very good with words and numbers. Sometimes you get so excited that you can't stay still. You have a sharp tongue and mind and quick repartee. Debating, commenting, broadcasting and writing can all be suitable activities.


If you feel nervous, restless, or irritable, you should try meditating. You need constructive mental channels in order to use your mind and your knowledge successfully.


With a strong mind and good mental energy, you are a brisk, lively communicator. For the most part, you are plain-spoken and alert. You like to do investigations and you enjoy battles of wit.


Mars Decile Saturn:


Duty and financial planning can motivate you. You can develop good organization, discipline and follow-through. Your plans can lead you to excellence. To get what you want, you may have to move the earth. You can be moderately aggressive in your romantic pursuits.


Sometimes it may seem as if the hand of authority wants to smack you silly. Learning to work with "Mars-Saturn energy" can be a real pain in the you-know-what. If you find yourself faced with many difficulties to overcome, you can be the kind of hero who moves mountains. Resolve the conflict that exists between your motivations and your conflicts. Determine that the responsibilities you choose will be a turn-on for you. Learn to combine caution and prudence with decisive action. Learn when to stop and when to go.


Usually, you're a productive, methodical worker. You can learn to become self-reliant. You can develop exciting career options and powers of endurance.




Chapter 7

Jupiter for Abraham Lincoln


Astrologically speaking, the planet Jupiter is the force of encouragement and expansion. Jupiter's placement indicates what your most important beliefs are and where you have the opportunity for glory.


 Jupiter in Pisces:


To reap the full benefits of a full spiritual life, you need something that combines the powers of imagination with emotions. You need to be part of a community that has a relationship with "GOD". You are popular but should choose your friends carefully. Do what you can to cultivate solitude, quiet happiness, and the comforts of sanctuary for yourself. You can do big things with the power of faith.


 Jupiter in 1st house:


Widen the scope of your personality. Expand your character. Show the world your wisest, most winning ways.


Renew your faith in the unlimited possibilities for yourself. Work on extending, expanding and improving your character.


 Ruler of 9th house in 1st:


You are blessed with physical strength and vitality. Start by getting more upbeat and positive about eating fresh fruits and vegetables. You can develop overwhelming confidence in your ability to discover an exercise program suited to your own unique needs. Reach beyond your present limits and get into great shape. Your personal appearance, temperament and disposition will be a focus for success.


You can achieve a positive mental attitude and realize your dreams if you follow the proven principles outlined simply and clearly in this wise, step-by-step guide. Your personal identity can be very much tied to your philosophy of life. A "do it yourself" attitude may be necessary for success. The right kind of lifestyle and attitude gets you into the winner's circle.


 Jupiter Sesquiquadrate True Node:


The past life thing is yours in a big way. For example, you might have a great interest in exploring past lives. You have probably lived many past lives, and many people from your past lives could be with you right now trying to finally get it right.


Jupiter Tridecile Saturn:


Once you decide to give yourself a break, you're half way home.


You can becoming a winner by allowing yourself to enjoy some struggle to get ahead. Learn to plod steadily forward in the face of adversity. Instead of unfavorably comparing yourself to others, learn to recognize your own self worth.


Sun Semisextile Jupiter:


You like to do things in a big way and with a flourish. You are bigger than life and can over-eat, over-drink, and over-speak.


Jupiter Semisextile Asc.:


You will learn a great lesson when you pay more attention to those around you. Try to remember that you do not always know best.


Jupiter Novile Chiron:


Find out more about shamanism.


A possible shortcut is to listen to the Music CD BOSS DRUM by the Shaman. Then again, it could take you down a long and winding road of teaching and healing. Are you one who shows the way?.




Chapter 7A

Work for Abraham Lincoln


It is a wonderful thing to do the "right" work. To make a contribution, to provide a product or service, or to be of use are excellent things, all the more so when you are making lots of money and are recognized and appreciated. There is a direct correlation between work and time. So, as they say, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. The information that follows will give you an edge on your journey down the road to success.


 Midheaven in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Pisces:


You like to have plenty of growth and change in the work you do. You are successful to the degree that you are enthusiastic, cheerful, and straightforward. You will be happy in your work if you draw on your innate wisdom and generosity of spirit. You will not be happy in your work if you are too undisciplined, extravagant, or scattered.


You could work in fields such as the law or the church. You are also suited for vocations in business, sports, or publishing.


You have a creative imagination and are committed to your beliefs. You have a lot of charisma but you sometimes have unrealistic expectations for yourself and others.


Because the planet Jupiter is said to be the "ruler" of your career, a good reading of chapter 7 on Jupiter is essential to making your professional life run smoother.



Ruler of 10 house in 1st:


Your personal appearance, temperament, and disposition will be a focus for professional success. Your personal identity can be very much tied to your work. A "do it yourself" attitude may be necessary for success. You might consider doing the kind of work that gets you into the limelight.


 Ruler of 2nd house in 8th:


You could be suited for banking, politics, insurance or the handling of other people's resources. You also may gain financially through an inheritance. You can use your appeal to earn lots of money.


 Ruler of 6th house in 12th:


To earn the necessities of life, inspiration will be the key. You could be involved with a large organization. You have many talents and need to commit to your beliefs in order to succeed. When it comes to training and task orientation, deal with your hidden talents. It could be good for you to be paid for working behind the scenes or in private. You are suited for research, counseling, writing, art work, or anything to do with the underdog.



 Saturn Conjunct MC:


One way or another, you're going to deal with the power of hard work.


You can also advance to the top through displaying professionalism and expertise and being competent, diligent and disciplined. You value tangible results and readily accept responsibility.


Suitable work may include any position where you are the boss or are in charge. You are also suited to be a professional, authority, or expert. Until you figure it out and get it together, you may well be overworked and underpaid.


Neptune Conjunct MC:


One way or another, you're going to deal with the power of divination.


You can also advance to the top through creative imagination, commitment to your beliefs and using your natural charisma.


A suitable career may include the fields of music, film, art, fashion, metaphysics, or the theater. Please let us know what you find out about the nature of reality.


Venus Trine MC:


Although it might be easy for you, you may not be challenged enough to deal with the power of art and beauty.


You can also advance to the top through working in a partnership or on a team. You have good interpersonal and counseling skills, and do well in face-to-face dealings with the public. A suitable career for you may include business management, banking, boutiques, training, anything with plants and flowers, or being a wedding or party planner or guidance counselor.


Mercury Square MC:


It probably isn't easy, yet somehow it may be necessary for you to deal with the power of numbers and words.


You can also advance to the top by doing a little bit of everything, especially active communications, information retrieval and storage, service and analysis, or technical and craft skills.


Suitable work may include office work, telephone work, library work, cataloguing, travel, transportation, or message delivering.


MC Semisextile True Node:


There are a dozen ways and reasons that you can use the power of belonging to a mastermind group.


You can also advance to the top through your abilities to meet people and establish rapport. Suitable careers may include dating services and employment agencies.




Chapter 8

Saturn for Abraham Lincoln


Astrologically speaking, the planet Saturn is the force of discipline. Saturn defines your duties, responsibilities and the structure of your life. Saturn represents mastery, seasoned professionalism, efficiency, consolidation and dependability.


 Saturn in Sagittarius:


For you to get past your limits you need to keep an open mind and avoid dogma of all types. Once you pay your dues, you could become a teacher, a preacher or a political creature. Parts of you are somewhat conservative and not receptive to new ideas. If you work at it you can avoid the pitfalls of religious fundamentalism. Work to respect, understand and appreciate other people's ways of doing things. Learn to apply the 1960's adage, "If I can't dance at your revolution, I won't come."


You could level some just criticism at religious hypocrites. Be realistic about dietary restrictions. Avoid fried food, and overeating.


 Saturn in 9th house:


You may be held back until you confront your fears of higher education. However it is your duty to learn more. You can master new things. You may have to pay some dues and build character by overcoming any academic inadequacies that you may have.


You are somewhat conservative and realistic in your belief systems. You like to consider yourself a responsible person. You have a point of view that may be mature beyond your years. You prefer complex thinking and if you concentrate, you can get your ideas across to others.


You need to find answers to questions and you like to do it on your own. You are somewhat studious and do not take other people, places and things on face value. You strive to uncover the real meaning of things. If you have lost your faith in life then you need to move beyond superficial social values and religious dogma. Master new thinking. Build a new framework for your beliefs. Work to create a stable philosophy of life.


You're trustworthy and dependable with legal affairs and you can prosper through work related travel. In other words, business trips pay off for you. Put some structure into your horizons.


 Saturn Conjunct Neptune:


Meditative work will play a pivotal role in your life. You can get more power by becoming a high spirited pragmatist, and a practical idealist. Learn to give up cheap thrills in the present moment in order to secure something more valuable and useful in the future.


If you're a somewhat strange bird, it may be because you are part of the hippy generation. You can have a way of creating chaos where there is order and creating order where there is chaos. You have quite an imagination and can cultivate a talent for spiritual work. Once you find your faith, you can dissolve any and all fears. You can create many practical applications for what your imagination conceives. To insure your success, stay centered and do your share of spiritual work.


Saturn Conjunct MC:


Discipline and ambition, that's you. It sounds simple and it is not easy. You can gain more power and status and security through the consistent application of hard work and ambition. In time, you can become a leader.


Mars Decile Saturn:


Your personality is somewhat Spartan and contains elements of fortitude and precision. You have some innate mechanical abilities. You are naturally cautious, practical and sensible. By choosing your battles carefully, you can increase your winning percentage. It is not hard for you to gain more power. In fact, you are a natural.


Jupiter Tridecile Saturn:


You have some natural-born sense of serious purpose and fortuitous destiny. To gain lots more power and success, you need only cultivate your innate realism. You may experience a golden period of your life when you are 56 to 60 years old.


Sun Binovile Saturn:


You tend to be emotionally cool and can do some of your best work in private. Your organizational and executive abilities can create success. At least part of you is patient and precise. You will probably accomplish just about as much as you make up your mind to do.


You will enjoy spectacular success in your golden years. There are indications that you will have a long life so please take good care of yourself. You can gain more power and a big payoff by making your health, well-being and longevity a priority.




Chapter 8A

Chiron for Abraham Lincoln


Discovered in 1977, Chiron is a relative newcomer to astrology. Named after the half-brother of the Greek god Zeus, Chiron is a comet from outside our solar system, according to the latest scientific findings. In Greek mythology, Chiron was tutored by the Sun and the Moon (Apollo and Artemis) and, in turn, taught the offspring of other gods.


Chiron taught special skills such as astrology, philosophy, ethics, music, medicine, horseback riding, and weaponry. These skills where thought necessary for gods, and humans, to achieve their destinies. The position of Chiron in your birth chart denotes what and where you may teach or be taught. It is also where you can be healed and how you can heal others.


A Centaur, who is part human, and part horse, Chiron is a half-breed. His higher self sometimes struggles with his own animal nature. What follows is a description of the "Chironic" side of your character.


 Chiron in Aquarius:


To become more fully human, you need to become more of a maverick. Rearrange your concept of social interaction. Do it with a smile. Open new doorways to the world of friendship. Do it with specific goals in mind. Imagine for a moment that you're Mr. Spock of Star Trek fame, Yoda the Jedi Knight or Helen Keller mentoring the blind, then give some sagacious thought to your place in society.



Chiron in 12th house:


Secretly you may explore maverick and non-conformist approaches to health and healing. Embark on a supernatural quest. In the world of so called "weird" things, you can find a great teacher.


Open up some new spiritual fields. Break out of addictive ruts. Build a bridge between the extremes of space cadet and materialist.


Uranus Square Chiron:


If other sections of this report give confirmation, you're one of a kind, independent and individualistic. Study the myth and figure out how you can relate to Prometheus.


Mercury Semisextile Chiron:


You have a need to say unusual things. Some of what you say is quotable in an unusual way.


What kind of tricks and foolish things do you permit yourself to think and do? You can see through some pretenses. Will you act upon your perceptions?.


Jupiter Novile Chiron:


At least once in your lifetime, you are challenged to make a great pilgrimage. On a more psychological level, ask yourself what is wrong with the world. What is the worst problem pressing the planet? Figure out how, on some level, that issue can be seen as an inflated view of your own most personal wound.




Chapter 9

Uranus for Abraham Lincoln


Astrologically speaking, Uranus is the force of liberation. Uranus is where you change unexpectedly and are surprised. It's where you are unusual, eccentric, or extraordinary.


 Uranus is stationary


You are a "Uranian Character." You can be a: scientist, eccentric, radical, iconoclast, soothsayer, wizard or mother of invention. Whether or not you are comfortable with he concept, you are in fact something of a genius. Maybe you're more accepting of yourself as a character, rebel, or someone who marches to the beat of a different drummer. You could be in the public eye a long time.


Something about you is futuristic or interested in ancient civilizations. You may not be much concerned with fashion and what's "in" by today's standards.


 Uranus in Scorpio:


It is important that you free yourself from a restrictions on your life. Some of your secrets are unsettling. Unusually intense and unique energies are yours to weald. Dare to be original. You get a 7 year itch to do the impossible.


 Uranus in 8th house:


A psychological alarm clock says wake up. Make some changes in your ideas about, death, taxes and big bucks. Take another look at other people's resources. Be open to new ideas about insurance, banking and outside financing from stockholders.


 You may experience an overwhelming urge to break free from debt and an unsatisfactory love life. You can experience an important breakthrough in your income. Be open to instantaneous insights. For certain, you will take a sudden step beyond the mundane and into the world of taboo and intrigue.


Stir up your situation by eliminating waste of all kinds. Enjoy some secret experiments. Develop your own unique code to regulate your finances and personal affairs. Become more detached from lust and greed. Enjoy the paradox.


 Ruler of 11th house in 1st:


Include some athletes and self starters in your circle of friends. Be more of an active friend with people. Learn some social roles and lessons about personal appearance and disposition. Set some realistic yet inspiring goals about your temperament.


 Uranus Conjunct True Node:


Destiny has dealt you a wild card that can suddenly and unexpectedly connect you to past and future lives and to a secret society. The tone of your life is vastly different than that of most mortals. Enjoy the novelty effects. Allow yourself the luxury of several long vacations. Until you're on the right path for you, other folks can shock and disrupt your life and your lifestyle.


Get more involved with people who have both scientific and astrological interests. Make new efforts in new directions. Put yourself in the center of a modernization effort.


Mercury Trine Uranus:


Novelty excites you. People have come to expect you to say unexpected things. Your mental ingenuity is strong and you can come up with the most original ideas. Put some of your insights and inventions in gear. An inventive mind, quick decisions and a sharp tongue are yours to wield. Learn how to make exciting changes less stressful. Break free from tradition.


Unusual, original approaches to professional people could generate cash surprisingly fast.


Confront the media. Call talk shows. Write letters to editors. Publicly express your interest in profound things. Learn to hold and develop your attention. Do specific meditative exercises and you will get some immediate and amazing results.


Uranus Square Chiron:


Chiropractic care can give you a decisive edge. Participate in seminars. Create some of your own. Information will heal you. Make the most of learning techniques. Learn things with your mind as well as your body. Develop your sense of body electric through acupuncture and acupressure.


Sun Biseptile Uranus:


New ideas stimulate you to somewhat hyperactive and eccentric behavior. People find you impatient and exciting. Your unbridled passion for freedom can be contagious. The more that you develop your personality and your individuality, the more you become original and unpredictable. Restlessness challenges you to confront authority figures.



Chapter 10

Neptune for Abraham Lincoln


Neptune represents fads, impressionability, style, glamour, imagination and inspiration. Neptune is the force of deep space and the force of consciousness expansion.


 Neptune is stationary


You are a "Neptunian Character." You can be: the idealist, artsy type, movie star, rock star, mystic, chemist, socialist, spiritualist, or photographer. You have a great mystique and powerful aura. Like the Jaguar automobile, with plenty of good maintenance and fine tuning you can be a high performer. You're especially sensitive to your environment. Aquatic and nautical themes increase your good luck. For better or worse, your imagination is one of your biggest personality traits. You could be in the public eye a long time.


 Neptune in Sagittarius:


When it comes to the world of religion, you tend to be part of a generation that has a blind spot. Your religious beliefs are lofty and even far sighted, you are surrounded on all sides by old, outworn philosophies. Everybody seems to be saying that theirs is the only true way, and they all contradict one another, and coerce themselves and each other into submission. This may tempt you to revert to cynicism and pessimism. Suffice it to say that any group that says that theirs is the only way, and uses violence and coercion to get their way, is wrong.


Write the affirmation "Nothing is permanent or pervasive. Everything appears to pass and to change. I go with the flow. I create the change." 7 times a day for 7 weeks. For at least 5 minutes a day for 5 weeks, concentrate your mind exclusively on the thought "If they aren't that happy, then they aren't that smart. When I'm not that happy, I can make smarter choices".


 Neptune in 9th house:


You can create the ideal point of view. Start by continuously flooding your mind with pictures and images of great thinkers and people with gorgeous ideas. Learn to read between the lines. Stop watching TV shows and movies about politicians, bigots, demagogues and televangelists. Watch more educational TV. Enjoy a flight of fancy to far away places. As an after-thought, go hear a keynote speaker articulate the virtues of uplifting trips. Be sure to sit up front where you can hear them loud and clear. Listen for hidden messages. Further instructions will arrive in the future.


Ruler of 12th house in 9th:


You could be undone by dogma. Susceptibility to propaganda might be a hidden enemy or weakness. However, in every negative situation is the potential for something good. You can reverse the effects of bad luck if you get into the spirit of higher education. Buy a camera and take some photographs of international people, places and things. Listen to more ethnic music. Sometimes you're dreaming and sometimes you're awake. Other times you're in trance states. Make the most of the situation. Hypnotize yourself to go places and learn things.


 Saturn Conjunct Neptune:


Put your imagination to practical use. Use your visionary powers in pragmatic ways. Instead of projecting it away, claim more self control. Start an unusual business.



Are you involved with power struggles with bogus bosses? Do you deny authority? Is your authority denied?


Neptune Conjunct MC:


It is important that you have some "artistic" content to your career. Do something with music, film and theater. It is very possible for the public to perceive you as a highly charismatic and creative person. You look good by the beach, on a boat, in a pool and any place wet.


Venus Trine Neptune:


You're some subtle, seductive, beautiful powers going for you. Make the most of it by wearing nice clothes and looking your best. Personally speaking, you've some high expectations for relationships and tend to seek an ideal of love. Learn to see people as they really are.


Give direction to your artistic skills. Be a producer of art or arty things. On the consumer side, shop in more one of a kind small boutiques. It can be good to dream of luxuries and sensuous fantasies. It is better to make specific plans for a beautiful escape.


Neptune Semisextile True Node:


Cavort with kindred spirits. Every few years or so, rent a place on the water and invite lots of friends to share your hospitality. Study the idea of "Water Brother" as developed by Robert A. Heinlein in Stranger in a Strange Land.


To fulfill your destiny, you need to develop your psychic and intuitive skills. Just as importantly, you need to learn to see yourself and other people and situations as they are, not as you really wish they were.


Moon Septile Neptune:


Your major mood swings, great imagination and genuine interest in the spiritual worlds all contribute to your fantastic creative potential. Know when you're playing make believe. It's a wise person who knows their limits. Don't drink alcohol. Learn to trust your first impressions. Regularly affirm that the more you trust your intuition, the easier your life becomes.


Become more consciously attuned to environmental undercurrents. Many temptations try to lure you to a seemingly easy path. Avoid the undue influence of gossip. Keep your promises. Get more involved with community benefits and events.


Learn to get over self doubts. Become less idealizing of others and more sure of yourself.



Chapter 11

Pluto for Abraham Lincoln


Astrologically speaking, Pluto is the force of cleansing. Pluto represents trust and violation of trust, control, obsessions and power struggles. Pluto is the force of intense transformation.


 Pluto in Pisces:


When you get into therapy or analysis, a good place to start would be your obsession with religion and the power of faith.


 Pluto in 1st house:


Be vigorous; make reorganization a permanent part of your lifestyle. Exploit your capacities to the fullest. Consider self employment. Renew your striving toward personal goals. Intensify your own personal power. Learn to stand your ground and restructure your life. Paradoxically, you may fear your power while it intimidates others. Folks may mistake you for a member of the CIA, KGB, Massad or whatever. It is you yourself who must learn to raise a little hell or get burned.


 Ruler of 8th house in 1st:


Try giving a hot and spicy flavor to your life. Share some honest sheer delight and diamonds. Your personal appearance, temperament and disposition will be a focus for success. Your personal identity can be very much related to you living life to the fullest. A "do it yourself" attitude may be necessary for success.


 Mercury Conjunct Pluto:


Dark humor will play a pivotal role in your life and your lifestyle.


Deep insight, shrewd thinking and a powerful consciousness are yours to develop. You are interested in discussing forbidden topics. You only tell people what you want them to hear. You're a natural for psychology, analysis and detective work. Also, you've more than your share of anxiety to work through. Some of the great pain of the age is yours to deal with.


Moon SemiSquare Pluto:


You may have unusual fears, including fears of crowds.


Everybody doesn't want or need your help. Unless you are on billable time or your insight is actively solicited, MYOB, mind your own business. Emotional manipulation is not normal.


Do you keep a tight rein on your emotional responses? Deeper and darker than average, your emotional life can be either a richly fulfilling experience or a personal hell. One way or another, you will need to deal with issues of cooperation, coercion, obsession, manipulation and transformation.


There is a powerful tie between you and your mother. For better or worse, in her presence or absence, the bond between you is strong.


The symbolism associated with the Goddess Kali provide great insight into your situation.



Chapter 12

Moon's Node for Abraham Lincoln


The nodes represent points in space where the moon's orbit crosses the orbit of the Earth as the Earth orbits the Sun.


 True Node in Scorpio:


It is possible that in a past life you were obsessed with the material world and could have even married for power and money. To this day, your path of least resistance may be that of personal greed, but it is not necessarily the way for you to go.


When under stress, you become stubborn. In your present incarnation you need to enjoy more of the psychological dimension. In fact, your spiritual path is to explore the mysteries of the mind.


Be receptive to growth experiences. The 60's revolution wants more teamwork form you. Utilize your personal magnetism to cause things to happen. Clean up old financial karma. Fulfill yourself through new areas of occult experience.


Attune yourself to forces from the future that are encouraging you to explore so called taboo topics. Clarify your own values, but focus on the world of archetypes. Seek the middle path between denial and overindulgence.


It is possible that in a past life you lived in the Middle East. This time around, Akashic (a record of all that has ever occurred) forces are leading you to visit, do business with and make friends with people from Vancouver, Seattle and Anchorage.


North Node in 8th house:


Part of the cosmic plan is that in this lifetime you are being nudged to deep psychological states. Over the course of other lifetimes you may have focused on more material things and gotten into a rut. For the purposes of this incarnation the stars impel that you please consider evolutionary energy exchanges with the universe.


 Uranus Conjunct True Node:


New edge technologies will play a pivotal role in your destiny. The more that you integrate the scientific method into your lifestyle, the more you will come to understand the fates.


It is conceivable that in a cycle of past lives you were a scientist, a soothsayer, a wizard. a genius, a crank and a mother of invention. This time around, dare to enrich your existence by becoming more unique. Do what it takes to fill your life with surprise.


Jupiter Sesquiquadrate True Node:


Deal with agriculture and nutrition, and the fates will be kinder to you. To the extent that by your own standards, you're overweight or underweight, you have yet to meet the challenge to balance consumption with output.


It is conceivable that in a cycle of past lives you were a lawyer, a soldier of fortune, and a bible thumper. You could have even been a Buddha, Santa Claus and Uncle Sam. Clearly this time around you need to do something in a big way. Everybody wants to know when you'll pull the goodies out of your bag.


Sun Tridecile True Node:


The creative process will play a pivotal role in your destiny. The more that you pay attention to your most ingenious and inventive ideas, the kinder the fates will be to you.


IT'S IN YOUR HANDS: You possess a unique talent, one that may not easily be recognizable.


In all probability, through the course of many lifetimes, you were a taoist, cultivating yourself. Pick back up on this, study the I Ching and the works of Lao Tsu.


Neptune Semisextile True Node:


To the extent that you are not singing at least one song every day you have not yet met the challenge of your own raised spirit.


Cycling through past lives, you were conceivably a musician, sailor, slave, idealist, mystic and saint. As some kind of monk/nun/health nut you've explored unusual ideas.


Celestial sounds will play a pivotal role in your destiny. You need the complete recordings Paul Horn made inside the Great Pyramid. It's distributed by Celestial Harmonies.


Attune yourself to the music of the spheres, and the fates will smile with you. Get a copy of The Planets by Gustav Holst and play this symphony regularly. While you're at it get The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi.


MC Semisextile True Node:


When considering your career, remember that there is a distinguished reason why you have incarnated.


The higher that you regard your chosen responsibilities, the kinder the fates will be to you. To the extent that you are not comfortable with your place in society you have not yet met the challenge of civilization.


Venus Quincunx True Node:


It is conceivable that in a cycle of past lives you were a diplomat, a beauty queen, a hair dresser and a romantic. To make the most of this lifetime, go for art and beauty, and profit and pleasure.


The more that you pay attention to the civilizing force, the kinder the fates will be to you.


Moon Binovile True Node:


To the extent that you are bothered by the hysterical mob mentality, you have yet to meet your challenge to come to terms with the forces of your own unconscious mind.


Assume another frame of reference when remembering your dreams, and the fates will take a liking to you. I see where you are a very old soul with as many lifetimes as fingers and toes.



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