Here's to working smarter,so you can live and play harder ~

We know that "timing is everything". There are periods in our lives when relationships are our primary focus, and other times when career or financial concerns are demanding all the attention. Wouldn't it be nice to know ahead of time which area of life is the next to be highlighted?
   Amy J Volkers ~Astrological Insights
WHAT TIME IS IT? No, not on the clock...Your personal time, based on your own energy patterns imprinted with your first breath.

The Natal Chart (Horoscope) calculated for your birth can be viewed as the roadmap for your life. Utilized as a tool to discover ways to recognize and master talents, transcend weaknesses, and discover how the cycles of the Universe are blending with your energy, an Astrological Consultation can be invaluable.
   And that's how you can learn how to work - and play - WITH the cycles of the Universe!

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